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Tein Aristo Coilovers
Retail price $1,450
Import Monster price $740

19 Inch Work Euroline VIP rims
Retail price $2,800
Import Monster price $970

18 inch Vertec Manaray deep dish rims
Retail price $1,800
Import Monster price $824
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Tell me about Import Monster!

Welcome to Import Monster!

Import Monster is an Australian company, run by people who love everything Japanese! We have Australian staff working at our Melbourne head office, and both Australian and Japanese staff working for us in our Japanese office.

There are 4 major areas to Import Monster:

  1. Yahoo Auction purchasing service - we have setup our website to 'crawl' Yahoo Auctions Japan, pull in all the info, translate text into English, convert prices into Australian Dollars and make life easy for you.
  2. Japanese purchasing service - if there is something in Japan that you want, we'll get it! It could be that you know the website or shop we can get it from, or maybe you need us to track it down for you, regardless our staff in Japan are ready to help.
  3. Japanese car import service - we have setup our website to 'crawl' all of the Japanese car auctions, which covers millions of cars per year! If you are looking at importing the car of your dreams, and want to save a dollar, Import Monster is your guy!
  4. Australian shop - quite often we see a bargain in Japan that is too good to be true, so we snap it up, import it ourselves and put it on our Aussie shop website.

At Import Monster, we value customer service highly. Great customer service doesn't cost a business ANYTHING to offer, so why not? Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or drop in to see us, we're here to help!

About Yahoo Auctions

Yahoo Auctions in Japan is basically Japan's version of Ebay. In fact Yahoo and Ebay launched their auction services worldwide around the same time. In most countries, Ebay became the most used service which resulted in Yahoo withdrawing their auction service from these countries. However in Japan, it was Ebay that was less popular, and Ebay withdrew their auction service from Japan leaving Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Like Ebay, Yahoo allow anybody from indivuduals through to retail shops to list items on their site. The sellers can start the auction at any price they like, can set a reserve price, a 'buy it now' price and even have the auction run over-time if there are last minute bids placed.

There are MILLIONS of auctions listed at any one time on Yahoo. Almost all auctions run for 7 days, unless the auction has a 'buy it now' price which, when reached, the auction closes and the person who bid at the buy it now price is the winner.

What does Import Monster PTY LTD actually do?

Import Monster is a revolutionary web site that has direct links into millions of auctions in Japan. Previously these auctions were unavailable to Australian's because the Japanese sellers prefer not to ship overseas nor deal with Gaijin (foreigners). Combining our advanced web site with our dedicated Japanese staff, Import Monster has overcome these hurdles!

Import Monster will equip you with everything you need to locate & purchase the parts you need. If you don't win, you don't pay! There are thousands of pages of high quality new and used parts on so you are bound to come across what you need. There are bargains to be had every single day and you can save thousands of dollars compared to buying local!

Import Monster removes the risks associated with purchasing items from another country - Import Monster guarantees delivery of purchased items or your money back!

The Monster has the experience that many others lack. With over 5 years importing experience from Japan, you can rest assured that Import Monster PTY LTD are already experienced and he won’t be learning at your expense! This is what the Monster does all day every day and he does it right! The Monsters contacts and experience are what set him apart from the rest. To put it simply - there is no better company to entrust your valuable car parts with.

What's so special about the Monsters Service?

The Monster and his team specialise in car parts and we are car nuts. We know what your car means to you and we treat you and your goods accordingly. We can also deal in all car parts big and small, including engines and bodykits, gearboxes and so on. We ship containers monthly and in doing so, we can save you thousands off getting your goods shipped individually. And unlike many other services, we are accessible - having staff both in Japan and Australia means we can offer the personalised service AND the fantastic prices.

How do I get started?

Head over to our sign up page and fill in some basic details. Our system will email you out an activation email to confirm we have a valid email address, and once you have activated you are ready to sign in and browse. When you find what you want, you place a bid and then let the Monster do the rest! Prior to bidding, we recommend you read the Bidding Conditions (which is located under the 'Need to know' tab on the left once you're logged in) to ensure you're up to date with what you can and can not bid on - we like to keep everything above board and follow Australian customs & quarantine laws strictly (no samurai swords or replica firearms and other weaponry sorry!).

Please be sure to have thoroughly read through our help sections before you bid. Almost every question you could ask has been answered :)

We know Import Monster can bring you all the bargains you can manage, if you have any questions we welcome you to contact us.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Naturally we have terms & conditions so that the entire process is completely transparent. If you would like to view them, you will find them here:

Please check back on these rules regularly. As time goes by, items may be added or updated.

Please note that all of the information in our "Stuff you need to know" and under our "HELP" section form part of the terms and conditions also.

How can I contact Import Monster?

There are different methods of contacting Import Monster depending on the the nature of your enquiry...

Auction Support:

  • item translations
  • shipping categories or timeframes
  • changing order details such as delivery addresses, delivery methods, etc.
  • anything to do with our auction purchasing service

Is all handled via email
Please send an email to and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.
Our team is available via email from 8am through to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 6pm Saturday.
Within these hours, your question will usually be responded to within 1 hour.
Limited support is available outside of these hours, which basically means that there are staff monitoring the email account, however on a less fequent basis!

Car Importing & Australian retail shop:

  • enquiries about importing a car
  • customers who have signed an importing agreement
  • customers who have a car currently being imported by Import Monster
  • enquiries about items on our Australian online shop
  • enquiries about delivery of items from our online shop

Where possible we ask that you email, however you can always call us, or drop in to see us.
Our office hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm Saturday, so during these hours our phones are staffed, and somebody will usually be in the office if you want to visit.
If you do plan on coming to our office, we suggest you notify us to ensure staff are available.

Phone Numbers:
Import Monster can be contacted via phone on 03 9008 0031 for those of you on the East, or 08 6365 6012 for those of you on the West!

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