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Work Euroline FE 19"
Retail price $3,600
Import Monster price $1,900

Tein Flex for JZA80 Supra
Retail price $1,900
Import Monster price $1,180

18 inch Vertec Manaray deep dish rims
Retail price $1,800
Import Monster price $824
online japanese auctions yahoo japan

Import Monster is your secure, user-friendly portal to purchasing direct from Japan.  Leaping all of the traditional hurdles associated with purchasing from the land of the rising sun, Import Monster makes your purchase easy, fun and stress free!

Whether you're purchasing a car, animation cells, toys, clothes car parts or anything else, Import Monster takes care of everything for you.  From arranging purchase from the seller (whether it be through our Yahoo auction service or from an online shop), to delivering to your door - the Monster does it all!

With intuitive search functions for the auctions, handy hints and tips, full live bidding, watch list and a system to track the status of your purchase, Import Monster does it all.  We figured out what we'd want in a Japanese purchasing service and we went ahead and built it.  So no matter what you are into, if it's in Japan, we can have it in your hands quickly and with no fuss whatsoever!

So what are you waiting for?  Click to get browsing Yahoo Auctions Japan in English!


online japanese auctions yahoo japan

YAHOO JAPAN AUCTIONS purchasing service! The original and the best, Import Monster has the best service bar none!


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Yep, the Monster has built a shop!  Browse online our come check out our shop front in Melbourne, Australia, the Monster's shop is full of the best quality, bargain priced parts for all kinds of JDM cars.  Heaps of sets of wheels, coilovers, and all kinds of other bits and pieces - for those who don't want to wait for shipments from Japan, the Monster's shop is heaven!  In stock, ready to ship immediately.  Heaps here already and move arriving regularly - CHECK IT OUT NOW!


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Want to import a Japanese Car?  Import Monster are experts at EVERYTHING Japanese and that includes cars. We are fully equipped to locate, purchase and manage the importation of the car of your dreams!  Our team have years of experience in locating and importing cars from Japan, and our Japanese crew are all over the cream of used Japanese cars!  Tens of thousands of cars available each week and all searchable through our advanced locating system.


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Any Japanese online store you find, we can purchase from! There are tens of thousands of online stores in Japan all filled with rare, cool and unusual stuff that you're looking for.  If you can find it, we can get it for you and deliver anywhere in the world!  contact us when you are ready to roll...


online japanese auctions yahoo japan

Japan is at your fingertips, so start browsing right now and check out Yahoo Auctions Japan in English, Yahoo Japan Car Auctions, Japanese Car Auctions and for the Aussies our Import Monster online shop.  Get Monstering!


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