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Tein Aristo Coilovers
Retail price $1,450
Import Monster price $740

19 Inch Work Euroline VIP rims
Retail price $2,800
Import Monster price $970

18 inch Vertec Manaray deep dish rims
Retail price $1,800
Import Monster price $824
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Shipping / Freight Help

What is EMS (Air) freight?

EMS is short for Express Mail Service. EMS shipments go direct from Japan to your door. In Japan, the shipment is handled by Japan Post, and then by your countries local postal service.

EMS is the best value for money air service available, cheaper than commercial air freight options such as DHL and FEDEX etc

EMS shipments trackable, and insured for the item value. Import Monster charges EMS shipments AT COST - what Japan Post charge us, we charge you.
If you wish to view the ex-Japan EMS costs schedule, click this link:

You can track EMS shipments using the reference number supplied by Import Monster via the link below:
EMS consignments must not be longer than 1.5 metres in length and no more than 1.5m circumference. So this rules out most bumpers, spoilers, lips, guards, rims with tyres etc.

Depending on the country you are in, their is a maximum weight (per box / consignment) of 30kgs, or 20kgs into Australia / New Zealand. To work around this, where possible we can break shipments up into several consignments. Eg: a set of 4 coilovers we send as pairs, a set of 4 rims we send as 4 separate consignments.
EMS shipments take, on average, 3-4 business days once shipped. EMS shipments are insured for the value of the item. If the packaging of an item appears to be damaged, you MUST open the package in front of the postal worker / delivery person. Once the package has been signed for, there is no course of action for damaged freight. Import Monster recommends you ALWAYS open your freight item in front of the postal worker, and only sign for the item once you are comfortable the item is not damaged. If your item is damaged, be sure to write 'DAMAGED' on the consignment note prior to signing it. You must take any claims for damage up with your post office.

What is container freight?

Import Monster holds orders in our own secure, monitored warehouse in Japan until we have enough together to fill a 20ft container. We then carefully pack it and send it to Melbourne where you can pick up from us, or for interstate customers, we can courier out to you using our freight partner, who offer a high quality, door to door or door to depot service which is fully insured.

Container freight is the best option for large or very heavy parts. Often items can not be sent via air due to size and/or weight constraints and so container offers the best and cheapest option. It's a lot slower than sending via EMS/Airmail - but for many items it's the only option. We ship a container once every 3-4 weeks and sometimes quicker, depending how much people have been buying!

How much can I save by shipping in container?
The prime example is a set of rims. Generally rims with tyres are too big and heavy for EMS/Airmail - which means if you want them via air, it would be via a commercial air freight shipment and cost around $1300. In comparison, we presently charge $220 container freight for a full set of rims in our container. A set of 4 average rims with no tyres via EMS can cost from $800-$1000. So you can see that container freight can be less than a quarter of the price of air. For very lightweight items such as indicators, ECU's, boost controllers - EMS is the best way as on all container shipments, we must collect import duty. On EMS items under $1000aud in value, there is no import duty payable - the saving on duty can be significant enough to cover the airmail cost or come close. Of course this advice is quite general as all items are different!

How long does it take?
To be short and to the point, the total process can take between 6 and 10 weeks from purchase to delivery/pickup. The time frame ultimately depends on where we are at in our shipping cycle when you make your purchase. If you purchase shortly before we pack a container and your purchase arrives to our warehouse in time, then you're looking at around 6 weeks. If you just miss that container, or purchase just after we ship a container, then it's closer to 10 weeks.

If your item is time critical - ie you MUST have it by a particular date, then frankly container shipping may not suit you. We do not want to misrepresent our container service - it is a much slower process than airmail and there can be delays due to shipping line errors, customs and/or quarantine delays. All of these are outside of our control and as such we make no guarantees on time frames. Generally things go smoothly however and with 14+ container loads a year, maybe 1 or 2 of these may be slightly delayed. We understand delays are frustrating - we have our own toys in these containers so we're sweating on it just as much as you - but if you're not prepared to wait then you should consider paying the higher rates for air freight. However if you want to save money and you're patient, container shipping is gold.

Why does it take 6-10 weeks?
The process is really broken down into different processes and each takes a minimum amount of time. The times below are average times and can vary from one item to the next, so it might take more time, it might take less - these are provided as a guide only!

Step 1 - 1-2 weeks. From purchase to arriving to our Japanese warehouse. By the time the funds are transferred to Japan, then the seller passes our stringent checks to ensure their authenticity, then for them to arrange payment and ultimately send the item to us. Just like buying something here in Australia - the individual seller may take a few days to get to the Post Office, or maybe can only post on a weekend, other sellers may ship out same day as receiving payment. It's different in every case - but you'll always get your order, or a full refund so there is never a reason to stress out. Import Monster is very proactive in communicating anything out of the ordinary so if you haven't heard anything, you can assume all is in order and there is no reason for you to chase things up - this is what we do, every day :)

Step 2 - 0-3 weeks. Container consolidation time. Once your order arrives, it is packed up with other orders ready to go in our next container. If we've just shipped a container, or your order just misses one, then it will wait the longer period of around 3 or so weeks. If you'd like to know where we are at in our shipping process once your order has arrived, drop us an email. Otherwise, just ensure you're prepared for the longer wait. We will implement a system that provides information on our shipping cycle in the future too. We're always working to improve on our already excellent service :)

Step 3 - 5-6 weeks. Once the container is packed, it then goes to Port in Japan and waits for it's slot on the ship we have booked. It will generally arrive to Port in Melbourne 28 days later. We then have to get it off the boat, through customs and then unpacked at a Quarantine warehouse for inspection to make sure there are no nasties in there, then on a truck to our warehouse. Then we have to sort it, weigh it, measure it and get it ready to go to you, or for you to come pick up :)

How secure is container shipping?
It is the most secure method of shipping available. Import Monster staff pack the container in Japan, Import Monster staff unpack and transport, then sort the container load in Australia.
Each shipment is fully insured by Import Monster in full, from the moment your order arrives to our warehouse in Japan, to the moment it arrives at your door - you are covered against loss/theft and damage. Also remember Import Monster's guarantee - you get your order, or your money back IN FULL. End of story. No one else offers you such a thorough, safe and secure end to end service for getting your gear direct from Japan - with updates all along the way!

I want to ship in bulk, can you help me?
Absolutely, this is handled on a case by case basis so drop us an email outlining what you're planning and the Monster will hook you up :) So whether you're looking at buying up big for your own toys, looking at buying and selling to supplement your income, or you need a "go to guy" in Japan to handle LCL/FCL, halfcuts, cars or anything else for your business - Monster is the guy!

I bought something from *insert name here* and they won't/can't handle shipping it. Can I put it in your container?
Absolutely - we regularly help people out of a bind when they've been let down elsewhere. Our normal container freight costs apply along with a handling fee (Monster has to make a living!). We will also need to collect the relevant taxes on anything coming in our shipments. Generally 10% import duty, plus gst. So if you've been let down elsewhere, come to the Monster and you'll never look back :)

Can I combine freight to reduce costs?

There are several instances where we can combine postage in order to save you money.

Japanese domestic freight (freight from seller to our factory in Japan) can not be combined as the items come from different locations.

If you happen to purchase more than one item from the same seller, within a day or so of each other, please notify us of the order numbers & we will ask the seller to ship both items together, and pass on any freight savings to you.

If sending via EMS/air we can combine freight to reduce costs, what you need to do is to tick the box when bidding that says HOLD items, that will stop us from shipping out items as they arrive. Once you see that both items have arrived in Japan, email us to release the HOLD status and we will automatically combine items where possible (within size & weight restrictions of EMS shipping).

If sending via container, this is charged on volume only (weight is not measured) and thus there is no combining of freight as each item takes up its own volume regardless if it is shipped internationally or together.

However if an item was sent in a container to Melbourne and we then are sending your items out via courier to your door, we CAN combine the items to reduce freight, as above ensure that you instruct our system to HOLD your items (ticking the HOLD tickbox when bidding) and once you see that all the required items are in Melbourne, email us requesting the HOLD status be taken off each item you want shipped out.

Savings can be significant when combining items for post and we can also facilitate posting several members orders to one location, this is especially beneficial if you've got many large/heavy items coming via container.

What is Japanese Domestic Freight?

All items purchased from Japan need to be shipped from the seller, to our factory in Japan. This is because the sellers will not ship Internationally.

Japanese domestic freight costs can vary depending on the size of the item, and the distance from the seller to our Japanese warehouse.

How does Import Monster estimate and charge freight?

At Import Monster, we charge all freight at cost. What we charge you is what you would pay if you did it yourself. In fact, often it's cheaper due to the volume of freight we do.

Initially, we estimate what the freight is going to cost you. This estimate can be obtained by clicking the 'estimate shipping & charges' link on any auction page, and the same estimate is given to you when you place a bid on an item. We do this because we want you to be sure you fully understand all of the costs involved with importing your item from Japan and also, so you can get an idea on the full costs - rather than giving you the idea that it would be cheaper than it really is.

Naturally, when you are estimating freight, neither you, nor Import Monster, knows the exact dimensions and weight of the item. Because of this, it is not possible for us to give you a 100% firm price on freight. So we have devised a tiered category system, A through E (A being for small, lightweight items, E for large or heavy  items) and this will allow you to select the category that best matches your item. You can view our auction costs estimator / calculator, and also view the different categories, and their descriptions, here:

Of course not all items fit neatly into a particular category, or it could be that you are just not sure what category is best for you. In the long run this doesn't actually matter, because regardless of what we estimate the freight to be, we only charge you the actual freight cost.
Here are a couple of examples:

You purchase a very small item such as a keyring, you select EMS category A, which allows for a total packaged weight of 2kgs. However once we get your keyring, it is in a small box and it only weighs 0.5kgs (500grams). Once we key this figure into our order management system, our website will compare the actual cost, with the estimated cost, and adjust your account as necessary. So in this instance, you would get a refund, because the actual weight (and freight cost) is less than what we estimated you.

You purchase a small item, such as a bracket, you select EMS category A, which allows for a total packaged weight of 2kgs. Once we get your bracket, we weigh it and the total is actually 3kgs. We enter this into our order management system, which compares the actual weight (and cost), to the estimated amount, and adjust your account. In this instance, the actual cost would be a little more than the estimate, so we notify you of the difference, and debit your Import Monster account as necessary.

You purchase a set of 18" rims, and select EMS category A, which allows for a total packaged weight of 2kgs. Now it could be that you made an honest mistake, and selected the wrong category, or perhaps you thought that Import Monster is a massive tripper who will not notice that you selected the wrong category on purpose. You are estimated & initially charged based on category A because this is what YOU selected. Once we get the rims, we weigh them all and find that the total weight is 55kgs. We apply this figure to your account which will compare the estimated freight cost to the actual. In this case there will be a large difference between the estimated amount and the actual amount, because YOU under-estimated the freight category in the first place.

Reading the above examples you will see that it does not matter at all in the long run what category you choose, we will always apply the actual freight cost and adjust your account appropriately. It IS important for your own sake that you do your best to select the right freight category, to ensure you know what your item is going to cost you, delivered. If you under-estimate on purpose, be prepared for the difference to be applied once known.

WHEN UNSURE: Please contact Import Monster to check, we are always happy to suggest the best freight category for your item!

What does HOLD and RELEASE mean in relation to my order?

Our usual practice is to ship items out to you as quickly as possible. So once your item arrives at our warehouse, we then ship it out to you within a couple of business days.

However you might be purchasing a number of items, with the intention of having us ship them all together, to save on your freight costs. If you want to do this, you will need to instruct us to HOLD each item. If you do not do this, each one of your items will be shipped out as they arrive, on their own.

You can instruct us to HOLD an item when you place a bid, by ticking the 'HOLD' tickbox. If you have bid on an item and not held an item, you can email us requsting that we HOLD the item.

When you have purchased a number of items, and have the HOLD status on them set, we need you to instruct us when to RELEASE them. Usually you would wait until all of the items you have bought have arrived at our Japanese warehouse (for EMS freight) or our Australian Warehouse (for container items), then email us requesting the HOLD status be removed.

When sending an email asking for us to HOLD or RELEASE an order, be sure to incldue your order ID(s).

What is Australian Domestic Freight?

On our estimate calculator at - you will find a provision for Australian domestic freight charges. As Import Monster is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and many of our customers are interstate, Aussie domestic freight companies are used to get your goods from us to you.

Australian domestic freight is a local courier service from our Australian warehouse to your door. Shipments are trackable online, and a transit warrany is provided. Shipments can take anywhere from 1 through to 7 business days depending on consignment size and delivery location. For example, items to Sydney are usually delivered within 1 business day, however large pallets to Perth may take longer.

If the packaging of an item appears to be damaged, you MUST open the package in front of the driver. Once the package has been signed for, there is no course of action for damaged freight. Import Monster recommends you ALWAYS open your freight item in front of the driver, and only sign for the item once you are comfortable the item is not damaged. If your item is damaged, be sure to write 'DAMAGED' on the consignment note prior to signing it.

Postal restrictions - sizes and restricted/prohibited articles.

What items are restricted/prohibited from being sent via SURFACE MAIL and EMS?
At the following link there is detailed information on what can not be shipped via normal postal services, below is also a quick list of items we are commonly asked to ship which we can not. If you bid on and win items that can not be shipped due to being prohibited you are liable for any and all costs associated with the purchase, there are no refunds for items that can not be delivered. IF IN DOUBT, DO NOT BID AND BUY.

Items We Can Not Ship:

  • Engines (motorbike, go kart etc.)
  • Lighters
  • Gassed Charged Suspension
  • Anything with Batteries (other than button batteries)
  • Lithium L-ION Batteries (basically anything rechargeable)
  • Wheel+Tyre with nitrogen (we would need to remove the nitrogen)
  • Petrol/Gas Tanks (new and used) - yes, "NEW" are also on the list.
  • Oils
  • Seat belts with pretensioners
  • SRS Airbags

What are the size and weight restrictions for EMS and Surface Mail?
Both EMS and Surface mail have strict size and weight restrictions that vary from country to country, depending on your local postal services policies. Below are some of the common countries restrictions for both Surface mail and EMS. They do vary from country to country so PLEASE be 100% certain you have checked and satisfied yourself that the item you wish to purchase can be shipped.

OVERSIZED shipping is VERY EXPENSIVE. Please confirm before you bid on anything large. You are liable for any and all costs associated with the purchase, there are no refunds for items that can not be delivered.

Common items that will NOT be able to go via Surface mail or EMS are things like - car bumpers, car hoods/trunks, sideskirts, car lips, doors, car seats, engines, gearboxes, most differentials, windscreens and similar.

These items can be shipped via alternative methods HOWEVER this is at significant cost, depending on the size/weight of the item. Air freight for bumpers internationally is typically in the range of $800-900USD due to the size. We can combine items for shipping to reduce the cost, but do email us to discuss before bidding. You are liable for any and all costs associated with obtaining and shipping an item.

There are no refunds available if you buy something that can't ship via normal postal methods. If in doubt, email us to ask BEFORE you bid!

IF YOU ARE UNSURE, DO NOT BID AND BUY! ASK BEFORE BIDDING! Ensuring things can be shipped within normal size and weight restrictions is your responsibility, not ours.

How to determine the length and circumference is explained best here:


  • Length: 105cms
  • Length+Circumference: 200cms
  • Weight: 30kgs


  • Length: 150cms
  • Length+Circumference: 300cms
  • Weight: 20kgs


  • Length: 150cms
  • Length+Circumference: 300cms
  • Weight: 30kgs


  • Length: 150cms
  • Length+Circumference: 300cms
  • Weight: 30kgs


  • Length: 105cms (41 inches)
  • Length+Circumference: 200cms (71 inches)
  • Weight: 30kgs (66 pounds)


  • Length: 150cms (59 inches)
  • Length+Circumference: 275cms (108 inches)
  • Weight: 30kgs (66 pounds)


  • Length: 150cms
  • Length+Circumference: 300cms
  • Weight: 30kgs


  • Length: 150cms
  • Length+Circumference: 300cms
  • Weight: 30kgs





What is surface mail?

Surface Mail is a service provided by Japan Post that is a cost effective alternative to sending via EMS. It is shipped via sea and in your destination country, it is delivered to your door via your normal postal service.

What are the advantages of surface mail?

The main advantage of using surface mail for sending your gear from Japan is that it's around half the price on average, of comparable EMS shipments (on heavier parcels).
The other big advantage is that it is delivered to your door via your normal postal service and if you're not home, you will be carded and can arrange pickup or redelivery as directed on the card left in your letter box. 

What are the disadvantages of surface mail?
The main thing is that it's very slow in comparison to EMS. Japan Post quote between 1 and 3 months delivery time, depending on a number of factors such as destination country. We have found that 6 weeks to Australia is pretty common. Sometimes it has arrived quicker, sometimes slower.

The other disadvantage is the sizing of items is more restrictive in comparison to EMS. View information on size/weight restrictions.

For those in Australia, Import Monster operate a container service that allows practically any size and weight item to be shipped cost effectively. View information on container shipping

Can my Surface Mail shipment be tracked?
Once your order has shipped, we provide a tracking number that can be used to follow your shipment. Once the package is noted as having left Japan, there will be no further updates until the shipment arrives to the destination country. Once arrived it can be tracked as usual. You can often subscribe to email updates from your postal service, so you'll know as soon as it arrives. We can not offer any further info other than what is available via the tracking information.

Is my Surface Mail shipment insured?
Japan Post cover all packages against damage, up to the declared value. Import Monster will generally declare the value at the purchase price of the item.

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